young and chasin' that money
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young and chasin’ that money

young and chasin' that money

Hello dear blog!
I have been neglecting my blog and honestly I have totally forgotten about it.

You can say that I have been busy because of work. Last time around I was very occupied because of my surgery and now I am just working my ass off.

I am currently working full-time (read: 37 hours) in a clinic where the work hours are placed in four days and I am off duty in the weekends. It’s really lovely actually, but very longs hours tho.

Sometimes I work overtime and then I can definitely feel the heat.
Coming home and feeling absolute exhaust. After work I still manage to go to the gym, but I don’t always train so hard. Sometimes I just enjoy to be outside and my gym has a spa area so I take full advantage of that. Just going and enjoying some relaxation lol.

I am not trying very hard to lose weight. Just trying to maintain my weight now. Sitting at 59kg and that’s good enough because I just want to be under 60kg actually.

In regards of everything else. I do feel it’s weird how things can change so fast. It seems like yesterday I finished school and now?

Here I am..
Full time job and most definitely an adult!

Of course I will always be the same and I will also be humble.
I will never forget where I started and who helped me get to where I am, but…


I can reveal that @ the age of 23; I am earning more than double of the average Danish person.

So now my head is just all about that money.
Setting new goals and becoming the best of the best.

For the new year I’m getting rid of my loans so by the time it’s 2017 and I am turning 24.
I will be debt-free and also have enough money to buy my own place.

Obviously I won’t have all the money to buy my own place, but I will have the necessary 10-15%.

So that’s my current goals.
Basically I want to save up 250k (read: in Danish money).

In regards of my love life; not much has changed.
I just don’t make time for it. I am naturally flirty so it’s really not a problem to find anyone, but I’d rather have casual relationships or just focusing on my current friends.

I am just not interested in being in a relationship.
Or maybe I have, but he must be really something special.

Because right now?
I enjoy being single.
I enjoy being an egoist.
I enjoy just focusing on myself and my money.

I know it sounds really shallow, but I never had this kind of thing before so I’m loving it.
I love spoiling myself, my sister, my family.

There is no problem ūüôā

Honestly tho.
If I had a boyfriend; he would be so lucky and I will be likewise.

Logging off!

Much love,