Why Is My Curly Hair Going Straight?

Why Is My Curly Hair Going Straight?

Curly hair is as a result of having asymmetrical follicle but there are factors that can affect follicle making them symmetrical and hence producing straight hair strands. Some of these factors can be controlled which others cannot be controlled since they occur naturally and can only be managed by using hair products.

To keep the natural curls after they have started going straight, you can go for the best clarifying shampoo for curly hair. This is formulated not only to give a deep a clean of the hair and scalp but also comes with curly hair ingredients which will work on your hair strands and leave them curly for a while. This means that even if the hair follicle is symmetrical the already existing straight hair can be made curly using artificial products such as the clarifying shampoo for curly hair. This can also work for those who have naturally straight hair and would want to some curls on their hair may be for special occasion or just for a change in looks.

There are also some curl products that would give good results for those looking into being curly after having straight hair for a while. For good and lasting results it is better if you start from step one of washing and go for shampoo for curly hair. Buying and using the best clarifying shampoo for curly hair will see the hair maintain new fresh looking curls which will last longer on the head especially if used together with conditioner for curls.

Why Is My Curly Hair Going Straight?

Reasons why hair curls go straight

If you are naturally curly hair type and all over sudden your hair starts going straight, then there must be something affecting the hair follicles. One of the main things that affect and change hair follicle from asymmetrical to symmetrical is hormones. Change in hormones happen in various stages. A person could be approaching puberty which is one of the main stages in a person’s life. The hormones change to keep up with the changes in both boys and girls. This in itself is enough reason to affect the follicles and see the curly hair start going straight.

Hormones also change during pregnancy and also when you reach the menopause stage. Other things that are said to affect hair follicles are said to be medications for different illnesses. There are those who say that cancer medications can have these effects on the users hair. These medications are taken over a long period of time and they are expected to reverse some growth hormones and therefore they are most likely to have effects of the hair follicles too. This is the same reason that also brings about falling of hair in other cases of cancer patients. Aging may also be another reason why naturally curly hair can go straight.

Why Is My Curly Hair Going Straight?

How to keep curly hair from going straight

There are several ways in which someone can try and keep curly hair from going straight. The first one is keeping control of the hormones, there are ways in which you can keep hormonal imbalance in check and this can either be naturally or through the help of a doctor. Many changes are as a result of health issues which can easily be controlled by making sure that you report to a doctor and have health checkups regularly. The other easier option to keep curly hair from going straight is through the use of artificial products such curl shampoos, conditioners, hair oils and moisturizers.

Going for the best clarifying shampoo for curly hair does not only help keep the curls but also clears all residues leaving the hair clean and rejuvenated. When trying not to lose the curls on your hair, it is necessary to use the wide toothed comb when combing through wet hair so that you do not risk pulling it all straight unintentionally. When trying to keep the curls you can also avoid heat from driers and also from natural sunlight. Excess heat easily damages the hairs and causing it to start going straight.  You can therefore cover the head when in a hot area so that you can also protect your hair.

Naturally curly and the hair has been exposed to chemicals

For those who have been naturally curly and the hair has been exposed to chemicals and excess heat making it to start going straight, you can save your hair by using the best clarifying shampoo for curly hair which will wash off all the accumulated damaging chemicals from other products that have been overstretching your curls. Using this shampoo will allow healing to start so that you can recover your curly hair without having to feel so bogged down. You can speed up the recovery process by using curl inducing treatments especially the leave-in treatments. These will help you recover your curls faster and easier.

The clarifying shampoo can be used either once a month or once every two months. There are also other methods of restoring curls which include the use of no heat curling methods and also the use of leave in serum that will protect the curls and leave them looking shinier and stronger. All these are ways in which one can keep looking lovely in curls without using so much effort. Many prefer to use the artificial products to attain the curly, a move that is also welcome as long as you know the right steps to follow and the best products to use.

Hair suddenly goes straight

There are people who are naturally born with curly hair but when they reach a certain age, the hair suddenly goes straight. For these people it is important to know that it is as a result of hormonal change and trying to remain curly using artificial products will not have the same result as the hair you had previously. The artificially curly hair eventually goes straight especially if exposed to adverse weather like excess heat, and other pollutants which do not go well with artificially curly hair. Once exposed to these pollutants the hair will not bounce back to its curly form but for natural curls, it will immediately bounce back to its usual curly manner.