What Can I Put on My Nipples While Breastfeeding?
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What Can I Put on My Nipples While Breastfeeding?

As we know, sore nipple is a common issue for breastfeeding women and they are finding the better solution to solve this issue. The common sore nipple causes are thrush, chafing, baby not latching well and adapting to new skill. Pain during the breastfeeding is the sign of problem and it must not be ignored.

Basically, breastfeeding is providing the wonderful way to bond with your kid and nursing is not easiest one as you think. If you are suffering from sore nipples then using nipple cream is really beneficial to you. At the same time, choosing the best nipple cream for breastfeeding is necessary one because it is only helpful to achieve your desire results.

What Can I Put on My Nipples While Breastfeeding?

Things consider when you look for the nipple cream

Not all nipple creams could be created equal and vast numbers of the options are available and it is quiet difficult to device which one is suitable to you and your baby. If you are following some tips then you can pick the nipple cream for breastfeeding such as

  • Consider the ingredients
  • Test out texture
  • Try to skip the numbing agents
  • Avoid added fragrance

Remember one thing; scents might not improve the nursing process so you are recommended to choose the nipple cream which is simple and unscented. If you are having sore nipples then it surely affect your kid sucking ability so try to pick the perfect nipple cream. Breastfeeding is the necessary phase for both baby and mother. The most common side effects of the breastfeeding are that sensitivity of nipples. You must stay away from the nipple cream which is having harmful chemicals like artificial fragrance or parabens. This kind of the chemical is not only dangerous to your skin but also for your kid.

Awesome benefits of using nipple cream for breastfeeding

If you are choosing the  nipple cream for breastfeeding then you can get tons of the advantages such as

  • Minimize cracked nipples and soreness
  • Perfect option to all types of skin
  • Safe for your kid as well
  • Contains natural ingredients

The best nipple cream might moisturize your skin because it has only natural ingredients like calendula, shea butter and beeswax. You must not use the vitamin E on your breasts unless it is prescribed by the doctor. Lanolin is the substance which is produced y sheep and it waterproofs and protects their wool. It could be served as the finest moisturizer to overworked nipples. Using organic nipple cream is one of the best choices for your baby because it has antifungal and antibacterial properties.

Suppose your nipples are sore then you are advisable to ask your doctor for checking your baby tongue for the short frenulum. You must avoid general purpose creams and lotions because it has unknown effect on the nipple and your baby. It is always necessary to use the nipple cream which is safe to use because it is easily absorb into the skin. Washing the area to remove cream is necessary one before the breastfeeding. Some of the studies report that 100% pure lanolin ointment is really helpful to minimize the sore nipples. Nystatin is the antifungal cream which is widely used to treat yeast on nipples. If you are doing some research in online then you can easily find out the best nipple cream for breastfeeding that could be helpful to you.

What Can I Put on My Nipples While Breastfeeding?

Are lanolin nipple creams safe for babies?

As we know, lanolin is the mixture of fatty acids and alcohol esters which could be derived from the sheep wool. It could be used in different kinds of the pharmaceutical and cosmetic ointments like lubricants and soap. Lanolin cream is completely safety to use on the intact skin because it could be non toxic for both baby and mother. The common side effect is associated with the use of lanolin cream that skin irritation or allergic reaction. If you are facing any issues like skin cracking, bleeding or skin irritation after using the lanolin cream then you must not use it. Before you are planning to use the best cream for breastfeeding, you must consult with your health professional because they can know about your health issues in detail.

Reading ingredients on nipple cream is one of the finest ways to understand whether it is safe to use or not. You can look for the lanolin which is hypoallergenic, free of preservatives, pesticides and additives. Now a day, majority of the people are struggling to choose the nipple cream because it might vary from brand, ingredients and so on. Reading review in online is one of the perfect ways to buy the nipple cream based on your needs. This kind of the cream eases learning curve and offers much needed relieve during and after feedings.

Efficient information about nipple cream for breastfeeding

If you are a newbie to choose the nipple cream for breastfeeding then you must avoid specific lotions and ointments like unpurified lanolin, numbing creams, vitamin E creams, anything with alcohol and petroleum products. Remember one thing; petroleum based ointments like vasoline might not allow air for flowing for your skin. At the same time, it might clog the Montgomery glands. Skin products made with the alcohol might also cause cracking and drying of your nipples.

Before you plan to use the nipple cream, getting help from health care provider is necessary one because they can suggest you the best cream to fix your issues. In case you are having allergic reaction then try to stop use the cream and immediately contact your doctor because it is not only affecting your health but also it affects your kid. As we know, breast milk is having healing and antibacterial properties which creates the wonderful nipple salve. It has vitamin E which is safe for your kid. However, using nipple cream is considered as safest option when you pick best one. Take your own time to choose the nipple cream or else it might produce some dangerous side effects.