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I Ain’t Perfect, but Pretty Darn Close!

I Ain’t Perfect, but Pretty Darn Close!

If you disagree with my title then kindly leave my blog.

I am not trying to be cocky, but I am tired of tippy toeing all the time with how I speak about myself. I don’t want no comments/inside thought in your head about Oh my god, this girl has no respect for herself. Posting pictures of herself online and shit like that.

I feel it’s sad that I even have to clarify things, but that’s how it is in this society. Different women do different things.

Bitch, you’re good 

Why aren’t we allowed to say Hey, I am pretty amazing? 


I am not gonna say I don’t love myself then how can another person? 

The thing is if nobody loves you; then YOU can love yourself. You don’t need no validation from others. Sometimes I pour my heart out to people and I talk about my insecurities about life, looks and everything in general. It’s not because I need YOU to compliment me. I just want to talk about things. I don’t seek validation.


You guys know that feeling when you feel inadequate? That empty feeling.

When we seek validation from others; it will never be enough!

Your own opinion will always be what matters.


So what I am trying to say is: Do whatever you want.. really! As long as you can stand by your words and actions!

You do you boo boo :-*


Anyone who knows me; knows I don’t judge anyone. I am all for positivity!

If it ain’t affecting me; my life, my family, my friends then I don’t care.


Please just stay in your own lane because I stay in mine.


Still same old me; face just changed a little

So moving on! I am soon 4 weeks post-op from my upper jaw surgery. Everything is going well and I want my splint out so I can speak properly. I have lost maybe two kilos in four weeks so it’s not that bad! Looking mighty slim, but I will gain it back when I can eat again. Just enjoying to be slimmer now.


As for of how my love life is going; then I will gladly announce… that I am still single! LOL.

It’s no secret that I don’t do relationships. Maybe I just haven’t found the right guy? I have never done real relationships and I never had any interest in them.


Maybe there has been times there I felt like hey maybe I should try it out for a while, but it has never really been anything long-lasting. Sure I have had those days where I feel kinda lonely and I wanted a cuddle or two, but I wouldn’t define that as wanting a relationship.


Sometimes I wonder why it’s like that? Either I want all the perks of an relationship, but not really committing to one? Or maybe I just feel that boys ain’t shit? 


So lately I have been thinking about my past “relationships” (= LOL. I make apostrophes because it’s never been that serious, but lets just call it that. You get the drift). The thing I realized is that many of those boys were in relationships when they hit me up. Of course, not all of them! Maybe half of them, but that’s still a lot?


But let me tell you some stories which made me think about my past “relationships”

My first thoughts are: these boys ain’t fucking loyal. LOL.


Them eyes be wandering whenever they see a new girl.


Nigga, you have a wife!? 

The other day I scroll through my Facebook page and randomly click around to other pages and I see a guy who I was seeing for a while and the comment he wrote was like “… blah blah blah my danish wife blah blah blah..” And I am holding my phone like DA FUCK?! YEAH, his wife! NIGGA, you was with me while you was married!?


I mean, I knew he had a baby girl, but I didn’t know he was married!? I was staring at the screen and I just thought to myself this boy hit me up while he was married? saying he wanted to give it another shot with me and he would give it his all and he would make it work this time because he likes me and I am special and yada yada yada.


I am so happy I left yo ass LOL.

I am not saying this because I found out about his wife, but in general; he wasn’t ideal for me. Maybe if he lived a little closer; I might have reconsidered because he IS my type of guy.

= super tall, black, bright smile and really built like a tower. Funny and hella smooth.

But I have never been the type of girl to work for any man I don’t put that much effort unless we’re end game couple ya knowwww. He lived too far away like really(= my previous town, but I moved back to my parents).


Try to make it work with baby mama and baby princess yeah?


Boy, just tell her the damn truth! 

I was dating a guy for a short period of time. Before that, he would write to me occasionally. Cool enough. Everybody knows I write to everybody, I don’t really care and I don’t flirt either so there is no harm. But this boy was good when he was good, but I am just gonna talk about one episode which made me think that this boy has bad fucking manners.


So his gf/x-gf(I don’t know which one since we don’t talk no more. Which is surprising because I am friends with everybody LOL) thinks I am his cousin because that’s what he told her. ALL LIES. Like why waste her time to begin with? Just break up with her then.


So we date; we break off and all of a sudden I get a message from his childish ass gf/x-gf that I am this and that. And I am thinking to myself who is this girl? It’s so sad. I am living my life and you’re just babbling shit to me. I am also thinking to myself: I can’t believe this boy can’t even tell her the fucking truth. What is up with that? Stop being a pussy and tell her the truth. Don’t lie anymore. How can you sleep at night? I don’t know if he told her the truth(that I ain’t did anything wrong!) or he just told her another lie and made me look like the bad guy. I mean, how can I fully trust him when he can’t even be honest with his gf?


But really tho; I was raging because what have I done wrong? I didn’t do shit. Is it my fault that he is a lousy boyfriend? NO! I am losing my patience with this boy because he thinks that he has done nothing wrong, but in reality: everything he did was wrong! But he is just lucky that I don’t freak out and get mad. But trust me, my patience and temper don’t like shit like that.

Why can’t he reflect on his wrong-doings? I don’t like when people are dishonest.

Please grow up…


Friend, there is no such thing as a half/half relationship

Well, you guys already heard it(= read here), but that person also had a girlfriend! I mean come on.. In my head I was thinking Where is your will-power LOL. Is it really that hard to be faithful? When he said well, it’s going up and down with the relationship. I was like Dude, you so single. 


And after what happened between him and me. I told him YOU ARE COMPLETELY SINGLE NOW! But he just looked at me really uncomfortably. Guilt or confusion?

You can’t get racy with me and say it’s allowed when you’re in a relationship.


If you are single; you don’t feel guilty.

If you are not single; then my friend, you just cheated on your girl.


Go figure it out yeah? We be best friends now tho! LOL.


Cuddly cuddly, I like

Lately I have been seeing a guy. So he’s very nice to me. I feel like he’s so cuddly and I love it. But I am not sure if it’s anything serious. Or if I want to have anything serious. We’re making plans and we have mutual friends so it’s actually a really nice feeling.I don’t know.


Let’s cross fingers for me not screwing it up.


Stay good, be good

It’s Christmas time and I wish everybody, who I talk to and who I don’t talk to, a merry time with family and friends. I am working on improving myself and I hope you guys do the same.


And I repeat myself: GIRL YOU ARE GOOD! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

If you are a good person; someone who’s unselfish and loves others; someone who doesn’t lie and cheat; someone who always strives to be a good person then you’re good. If you are not all of those things; then let us work harder to become a better person.


Never perfect, but pretty darn close!


Love and kisses, 


Colleagues Is a No-Go Area!

November 28, 2015