Hi and Welcome to the wonders of my blog.


My blog poses more of a diary than anything else. I mostly update about my life, thoughts and the usual rant or two.
Wondering about esohlee? It means this, but it’s not really important.

My name is Sally and I’m a 18+ y/o girl from Denmark. I’m currently on a 1-year break as I was graduated from high school this summer 2011. I want to become a dental hygienist which I’ll be pursuing next year as I’ve already been accepted into the University. Hopefully I’ll make it even though I have to make a scary (yet liberating) move from my home city.

I’m not the most easy-going person, but I’m honest. The values I possess are honesty and also politeness – I respect those values from other people as well. I don’t appreciate dishonesty, bullshit and plain rudeness. I’m more a listener than speaker. Other than that I’m just a average young girl who strives for perfection in whatever I find interesting. I’m dreamer–.

On the「17th August 2011」・ I had bi-jaw surgery to correct my crossbite and underbite.

Family and friends mean everything to me. Among many things I love drawing, manga, rpg-games, cartoons, cinema, baking and travelling. I’m also crazy obsessed with cats! Music is loved, but it is not the most important aspect of my life. I like photography, but unfortunately I lack the gift of capturing the right moment. I still enjoy taking pictures even if they aren’t artistic.

You’re welcome to contact me, especially if you have any questions regarding jaw surgery or maybe just a “hi“?
Btw. I use a Canon 450D, either standard lens or 50mm f/1.8 lens.

— ♥