.07 Nail Art: Matte Zebra Print
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.07 Nail Art: Matte Zebra Print

Last week I made Rilakkuma-themed nail-art and today I wanted to make something that looks simple and classy. This is a easy nail-art. I saw it on Youtube and it looked so simple.

.07 Nail Art: Matte Zebra Print

All you need is a clear matte top coat and another opaque nail polish color of your choice.
I’m using ELF’s matte nail polish and it’s cheap so you don’t necessarily need to use expensive brands because ELF’s does the job. You also need a top coat which you’ll use to make the stripes.
I bought a new purple nail polish yesterday and it’s not so opaque so I used a white nail polish under it so I didn’t have to use too many coats. After that, I put a mat top coat over it and then I created the stripes with a brush.
Here’s the steps and the nail polishes are placed in a chronological order:

.07 Nail Art: Matte Zebra Print

You can’t see the effect so good in the pictures, but I think the idea is good. You can do different shapes and such. I think I just used the wrong color so it didn’t show up so well in pictures 🙂

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