update: post jaw surgery + braces

∼December 1, 2014∼

Hola amigas.

As some know and might follow my blog for; I had jaw surgery in 2011. I underwent double jaw surgery to correct an underbite. So fast-forward four years and I appear to have gotten a relapse :( It's really irritating because it means that I have to go through everything one more time. By everything I mean braces and surgery. At this time it's unsure of whether it's going to be both jaws or only upper jaw. *If you want a link to my jaw surgery with before/after pics; please e-mail me / write in my cbox.*

The goal of the jaw surgery was to give me a functional bite, but seeing as how I got an relapse(read: tendency to underbite again) which means my bite shifted from overbite to an underbite again. Now I have an open bite(read: the teeth don't close in the sides) which means I can't eat properly. Basically I couldn't chew my food in the front when I had an underbite and now I have a slight underbite where the teeth is right on top of each other so I can actually use the front teeth, but not the back teeth.

My dentist told me the reason is presumable because I still had a slight growth in my lower jaw and the upper jaw just have a tendency to go backwards when it's moved too radically to begin with.

Soooooo.. basically by the end of this week, I have full braces again! I already have braces on my lower teeth and the top ones are going to be white ceramic brackets because I don't want that silver brace face look ;) haha. The bright side of things is my slightly plumper lips lol <3

I don't feel so bad about braces. I am 22 and maybe for some it's weird with braces, but I have gone through it once and I survived! And seeing as how I am much more comfortable with myself I don't care so much. I'll rock the braces like I had none. I will get a more prominent underbite because of how the braces work, but I will get through it. It's only eight months including surgery time. I will estimate ten months tho because I don't want to get my hopes up too high. Maybe my teeth will not move as fast so it's better to think that I will be done by September 2015. Crossing my fingers for the best.

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